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Get a Free Credit Report

There are ways to obtain a free credit report OR credit score without subscribing to a paid service provider. Here are some ways to obtain this:

  1. Check with your credit card issuer. Some credit card companies offer free credit scores to their customers as a benefit.

  2. Use a credit score website or app that offers a free credit score. There are several websites and apps that... read more

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What is Title Theft and Do You Need to Pay for a Service to Protect Your Home from Fraudulent Transfer of Your Title?

Are services that claim to protect your home from title theft necessary? Companies are targeting senios with fear-inspiring mailings and advertising leading people to believe their home can be stolen from them by a scammer recording fraudulent documents with the city.

Although we do not evaluate such services, it is important to know what title theft is and how you can protect yourself against this type of fraud for free.

The California Property Tax Deferment Program
is for people with disabilities or seniors on a limited income of $45,000

You can apply by calling this number:

(800) 952-5661

Read the entire fact sheet:
Eligibility Requirements

The "Biggest Mistake Most Homeowners Make"

Most people don't know what a huge problem capital gains taxes can be when they sell their homes after living in a house for twenty years; particularly after making numerous upgrades to their home. Watch this video on how to avoid the pitfall of being unprepared for capital gains taxes, then navigate to the capital gains tax calculator using the main menu above to get an estimate of your own capital gains tax liability.

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